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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hundred Islands

It was 9:00 in the evening, busy on polishing our steps for the company's dance competition when a friend called me if I wanted to join them for their not-so-planned-hundred-island-invasion. Call time? 11:00 PM which leave me a little over an hour to pack my things. The travel bug had bitten me again that despite that short notice, I still manage to be on our meeting place 10 mins ahead of time.

I was so excited, for the fact that its my first time to invade the northern part of the Philippines. This is just the 1st on my travel list since I move here in our Makati office. Definitely, the Philippines is a country of beautiful places and people. And when we say beautiful, would anyone disagree if I would say that the Philippines has the most beautiful beaches in the world? We have Bantayan Island that if I may say has a great potential for foreign market specially from European countries, we also have Bohol that I may also say that aside from its tiny creatures called tarsiers, also has it share of beautiful beaches around, and of course we have Boracay Island, which was recently named as the best beach in the world by Travel and Leisure Magazine.

In addition to beautiful island I mentioned above, Hundred Island National Park in Pangasinan, too, has it share of beautiful white beaches. Your ideal hideaway might be found in one of its many islet. Pristine waters, white sands and beautiful people whom are always ready to welcome and mingle with visitors. Hundred and more ways of enjoying your vacation? here some :-)

Relax. Feel the breeze, the sun and the water in hundred ways.

ME TIME. thinking of where to go next, or what  perfect excuse you will tell to your boss after that not so impressive performance? or for not beating that deadline? the serenity of the place will definitely help you figuring things out.

And yes, this is what "family bonding" is all about. Mom, Dad and baby enjoys the foot bridge going to the nearby islet.

And who says that beach is just for adult. Kids enjoy the pristine water..

Greens, blues, browns and whites. Green leaves, blue skies, white sand and clouds. Isn't it nice?

count 1 and two and three and so on. more beautiful island. choose one or choose em all

do whatever you want as if nobody is watching. sing or dance if you dare. or simply walk barefoot and feel like turista your own way.

have I seen this in hollywood movies? perhaps not, but who knows soon? its perfect.

this cave had been a witness of so many weddings. a hundred and more ways of saying I do. Romantic, Serene, Perfect.

Wherever you go, whatever you plan to do, Just dont forget you are in Hundred Island National Park. hundred ways of enjoying the islands, the beach, the sun, the sea, the sky and more.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

missing Boracay

Just recently, Boracay has been named as WORLD BEST ISLAND by Travel+Leisure. Working in Boracay for more than seven years indeed is such a great blessing for this soul. I had experience the islands bests that perhaps many of us, including you, reading this, would also want to experience, lucky are those who already had. Many would really want to visit the paradise, some had been given a chance and some were not. Many had been said about the island, many had been written about, had been featured in countless articles in magazines and television. And as I leave the island a month ago and looking back there are so many things I really missed about. Below are some :-(

The Island itself. Who who wouldn't miss the place I called home and my playground for more than 7 years?

The Sunset. The most beautiful and romantic sunset would unarguably be in Boracay. How many beach weddings had you witness in the island. How many pre-nuptial photo shoots and how many had say yes for a wedding proposal and lifetime commitment? Boracay has been a witness of countless fulfilled promises.

Drinks. With or without alcohol. Boracay offers wide selection . It maybe offered all over places but when you say  "i had this drink in Boracay" wouldn't be that cool?

Whatever you like, you will definitely have it. From famous local dishes to wide selection of international cuisine, have those in Boracay. Filipino, Persian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc.

Of course the service I had made together with my Singles for Christ Family. Our usual sunday service in Balabag Church and to the Aeta community. i definitely miss the people that had been part of my stay in the paradise. Remembering them always makes me smile.

The Boracay scene. No moviehouse but you can watch the most romantic show in the most romantic setting.  

Swimming. I maybe not a beach person, but in boracay? How would you say no to its crystal clear water?

Island Activities. Island hopping , ATV, Parasailing among others. Aside from the beach, there are so many things to try in the island.

And most important of all, I missed all the people I meet along. My workmates, my SFC Family, friends and acquaintances and even those familiar faces that I get to see while in the island. Boracay, my Paradise!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

BEHIND BORACAY (The Ati's Struggle)

 They were the original settlers of the island. When Boracay is not yet famous as it is now,  their ancestors had already been in the island. But now, they are fighting for a "piece" of land almost only 2 hectares located in Barangay Manoc-Manoc at the eastern part of 1,032 hectare Boracay Island, of which had already been awarded to them by the National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP) last January 21st 2011. The NCIP issued the Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title (CADT) in the name of 200 members of Boracay Ati Tribal Organization (BATO), however, the Ati were not able to enter the property because powerful and influential people are contesting the awarding of CADT.

On April 17, 2012, some 200 members of the Boracay Ati Tribal Organization (BATO) have taken the risk of installing themselves inside the 2-hectare CADT'd area. The installation was initiated by the members who are forced to protect their Ancestral Domain from influential families of Boracay who are continuously opposing the CADT issued by the government.

"We are following due process. And yet due process is giving undue advantage to the rich claimants who continue to build structures inside the Ancestral Land of the Atis in Boracay. We might end up without a land of our own"-Delsa Justo

The battle is on for the Atis and this might be forever battle for them when those rich claimant wont honor the CADT. Will the battle of the elderly Atis will also be the same battle of this young Ati Kids? Will this  will be a lifetime struggle? This is a very sad reality. Behind Boracay's incomparable  and uncontested beauty, the Atis had been struggling to own a piece of land which is due to them. Their ancestors once called the island theirs, but now, its a whole different thing.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

the islander invades BOHOL

When this islander visited the Tarsier's Island just recently, I trusted Kuya Eugene's connections and power on scouting for a place that we're going to stay. True enough he booked us to a place that everyone, six of us agreed, that the place is the hidden paradise in Tagbilaran Bohol.

Entertainment Hut

The Main House

The Girls Room

and this one for the Gents


another work of Art

How long?

crystal ball by the Garden

owners fave

and another owners fave

Tito Remy's place has 3 nipa huts that can accommodate at least 4 persons or even more, per room. We took two rooms, 1 room/hut for the girls and 1 for gents. Whats interesting to note is that I never imagined that Im actually in the city, for the place is surrounded by different fruit trees, flowering plants and the owners collections of old bottles from different countries.

Booking are on referral basis as the owner would like to preserve the the serenity of the place. This place is actually good for team building activities, recollection and the like.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

top of the world (Boracay)

Just recently, me and the rest of the Finance people had this rare bonding moment within the island of Boracay. Because the hotel we are working with is right on the front beach and the ever famous super fine sand, and crystal clear water are just an ordinary  sight for us, we decided to go to the mountains. Mountains? Yeah you read it right. For those who have been in Boracay maybe some or most of you had heard Mt. Luho, the highest viewpoint in the island where you can have the 360 degree view of the whole Boracay and its neighboring island.
This was taken couple of months ago in Mt. Luho viewpoint. Because I am such an Acrophobic, we just took picture on that point, at least I had reach that second level view deck. Theres another deck higher than this.   

The Mt. Luho view point had been in Boracay years ago. But we just had discovered a new property of the same type adjacent to Mt. Luho. OCEAN TOWER allows you to have the 360 degrees view of the whole island. Under Boracay sun and the cool breeze, why dont you try Ocean Towers signature fruit shakes from their Mini Bar located on top of the mountain or just under their view decks. They also offer fresh buko. 

obey thy thirst. have this fresh buko juice 

who says that Im an Achrophobic?

 a sight to behold. The Fairways and Blue Water Boracay
The Gang.
for Php. 20.00 you can use this gadget to have a closer view of everything.
and The Philippines is on top of the world
and the next time you will be in Boracay, why not try also the beauty of the mountains? Its as good as the white beach too. Have that breath taking view of the whole Boracay Island and the neighboring Islands from these two view decks offered by Mt. Luho View Point and Ocean Tower.