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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

the islander invades BOHOL

When this islander visited the Tarsier's Island just recently, I trusted Kuya Eugene's connections and power on scouting for a place that we're going to stay. True enough he booked us to a place that everyone, six of us agreed, that the place is the hidden paradise in Tagbilaran Bohol.

Entertainment Hut

The Main House

The Girls Room

and this one for the Gents


another work of Art

How long?

crystal ball by the Garden

owners fave

and another owners fave

Tito Remy's place has 3 nipa huts that can accommodate at least 4 persons or even more, per room. We took two rooms, 1 room/hut for the girls and 1 for gents. Whats interesting to note is that I never imagined that Im actually in the city, for the place is surrounded by different fruit trees, flowering plants and the owners collections of old bottles from different countries.

Booking are on referral basis as the owner would like to preserve the the serenity of the place. This place is actually good for team building activities, recollection and the like.

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