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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

top of the world (Boracay)

Just recently, me and the rest of the Finance people had this rare bonding moment within the island of Boracay. Because the hotel we are working with is right on the front beach and the ever famous super fine sand, and crystal clear water are just an ordinary  sight for us, we decided to go to the mountains. Mountains? Yeah you read it right. For those who have been in Boracay maybe some or most of you had heard Mt. Luho, the highest viewpoint in the island where you can have the 360 degree view of the whole Boracay and its neighboring island.
This was taken couple of months ago in Mt. Luho viewpoint. Because I am such an Acrophobic, we just took picture on that point, at least I had reach that second level view deck. Theres another deck higher than this.   

The Mt. Luho view point had been in Boracay years ago. But we just had discovered a new property of the same type adjacent to Mt. Luho. OCEAN TOWER allows you to have the 360 degrees view of the whole island. Under Boracay sun and the cool breeze, why dont you try Ocean Towers signature fruit shakes from their Mini Bar located on top of the mountain or just under their view decks. They also offer fresh buko. 

obey thy thirst. have this fresh buko juice 

who says that Im an Achrophobic?

 a sight to behold. The Fairways and Blue Water Boracay
The Gang.
for Php. 20.00 you can use this gadget to have a closer view of everything.
and The Philippines is on top of the world
and the next time you will be in Boracay, why not try also the beauty of the mountains? Its as good as the white beach too. Have that breath taking view of the whole Boracay Island and the neighboring Islands from these two view decks offered by Mt. Luho View Point and Ocean Tower.


  1. galing naman.May ganon pala diyan hindi lang dagat may bundok rin unusual kasi kung nasa Boracay ka tapos nasa bundok ka imbes na nasa dagat

    1. DR- maganda din bundok. you can see the entire Boracay :-)

  2. i've been to Bora with my family nung January, and the place is great. i loved it there. :)

  3. nice.. there are more to see and do in boracay.. naeexcite ako.. gusto ko na pumunta.. :P