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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hundred Islands

It was 9:00 in the evening, busy on polishing our steps for the company's dance competition when a friend called me if I wanted to join them for their not-so-planned-hundred-island-invasion. Call time? 11:00 PM which leave me a little over an hour to pack my things. The travel bug had bitten me again that despite that short notice, I still manage to be on our meeting place 10 mins ahead of time.

I was so excited, for the fact that its my first time to invade the northern part of the Philippines. This is just the 1st on my travel list since I move here in our Makati office. Definitely, the Philippines is a country of beautiful places and people. And when we say beautiful, would anyone disagree if I would say that the Philippines has the most beautiful beaches in the world? We have Bantayan Island that if I may say has a great potential for foreign market specially from European countries, we also have Bohol that I may also say that aside from its tiny creatures called tarsiers, also has it share of beautiful beaches around, and of course we have Boracay Island, which was recently named as the best beach in the world by Travel and Leisure Magazine.

In addition to beautiful island I mentioned above, Hundred Island National Park in Pangasinan, too, has it share of beautiful white beaches. Your ideal hideaway might be found in one of its many islet. Pristine waters, white sands and beautiful people whom are always ready to welcome and mingle with visitors. Hundred and more ways of enjoying your vacation? here some :-)

Relax. Feel the breeze, the sun and the water in hundred ways.

ME TIME. thinking of where to go next, or what  perfect excuse you will tell to your boss after that not so impressive performance? or for not beating that deadline? the serenity of the place will definitely help you figuring things out.

And yes, this is what "family bonding" is all about. Mom, Dad and baby enjoys the foot bridge going to the nearby islet.

And who says that beach is just for adult. Kids enjoy the pristine water..

Greens, blues, browns and whites. Green leaves, blue skies, white sand and clouds. Isn't it nice?

count 1 and two and three and so on. more beautiful island. choose one or choose em all

do whatever you want as if nobody is watching. sing or dance if you dare. or simply walk barefoot and feel like turista your own way.

have I seen this in hollywood movies? perhaps not, but who knows soon? its perfect.

this cave had been a witness of so many weddings. a hundred and more ways of saying I do. Romantic, Serene, Perfect.

Wherever you go, whatever you plan to do, Just dont forget you are in Hundred Island National Park. hundred ways of enjoying the islands, the beach, the sun, the sea, the sky and more.


  1. Ang lakas makaartista nung shades ..ahhahha

    Ganda nung kweba parang ansarap pasukin :)

  2. i haven't been to either Boracay or the Hundred Islands. I'm not even sure I want to, but your pictures make me think twice. :D

  3. nice shots. :) been to hundred islands. just 3 hours away from my hometown.

    Hi, Harold. :)