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Sunday, July 15, 2012

missing Boracay

Just recently, Boracay has been named as WORLD BEST ISLAND by Travel+Leisure. Working in Boracay for more than seven years indeed is such a great blessing for this soul. I had experience the islands bests that perhaps many of us, including you, reading this, would also want to experience, lucky are those who already had. Many would really want to visit the paradise, some had been given a chance and some were not. Many had been said about the island, many had been written about, had been featured in countless articles in magazines and television. And as I leave the island a month ago and looking back there are so many things I really missed about. Below are some :-(

The Island itself. Who who wouldn't miss the place I called home and my playground for more than 7 years?

The Sunset. The most beautiful and romantic sunset would unarguably be in Boracay. How many beach weddings had you witness in the island. How many pre-nuptial photo shoots and how many had say yes for a wedding proposal and lifetime commitment? Boracay has been a witness of countless fulfilled promises.

Drinks. With or without alcohol. Boracay offers wide selection . It maybe offered all over places but when you say  "i had this drink in Boracay" wouldn't be that cool?

Whatever you like, you will definitely have it. From famous local dishes to wide selection of international cuisine, have those in Boracay. Filipino, Persian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc.

Of course the service I had made together with my Singles for Christ Family. Our usual sunday service in Balabag Church and to the Aeta community. i definitely miss the people that had been part of my stay in the paradise. Remembering them always makes me smile.

The Boracay scene. No moviehouse but you can watch the most romantic show in the most romantic setting.  

Swimming. I maybe not a beach person, but in boracay? How would you say no to its crystal clear water?

Island Activities. Island hopping , ATV, Parasailing among others. Aside from the beach, there are so many things to try in the island.

And most important of all, I missed all the people I meet along. My workmates, my SFC Family, friends and acquaintances and even those familiar faces that I get to see while in the island. Boracay, my Paradise!!!